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Our Story

There are 2 types of people that travel; some people love to visit places and really see the sights as a tourist, then, there are people who want to experience unique, authentic places, “like a local.” Shopping is a lot like traveling, and when you shop with us, we hope you shop “like a local.” We began Local Linen as a simple search to find pieces that were unique, had character, and really inspired us to curate a look we felt we hadn’t seen before.

Our Mission

At Local Linen, it's our mission to help curate fashion that inspires you and fits your style! Let us help you shop where you are.

Our Promise

We don’t want you to just “buy” from us, we want you to trust us, which is why we promise to never overpopulate the pages of our shop with a large quantity of pieces we are simply trying to sell. Rather, we will work hard to only offer the pieces we genuinely believe you will love!